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Depending on different drives & power requirements, specialisedTractor Belts are designed by PIX,for maintenance free operation & optimum efficiency. For consistent performance of tractor engines, PIX has introduced a special series of Tractor Mower Belts, which cover all tractor models and drives. Depending on the different drives and power requirements, the specialized Lawn Mower Belts are designed by PIX for maintenance-free operation and optimum efficiency. PIX Lawn Mower Belts adhere to various international standards such as BS AU 150b, BS ISO 5287 , SAE J 636, JASO E 107, RMA IP-26, ISO 9981 and 9982.They are used in compressors, blowers, high power presses, hot rolling mills, textile machinery, ID fan, FD fans, pumps, generators, sprayers, etc.


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